January 27 – NSFW

January 27, 2019 =========

☆  NSFW  閲覧注意


Have you ever seen this anacronym, NSFW? It is usually used in the subject line of an email, or the topic line of a video. It describes something that might have sexual or rude content, or just something that is generally Not Safe For Work – as in it’s not a good idea to watch this at work, because you might get in trouble.

I think I’ve only received an email with NSFW in the subject line once or twice from friends. I see it many times in spam mail, as that is supposed to make me want to open it! Umm, no thanks! However, the times my friends sent me an NSFW email, it was actually just a funny video, so the content was “safe” but I was laughing out loud, so I would have gotten in trouble because of that, not because of the content.