January 23 – ever-changing

January 23, 2019 =========

☆  ever-changing  どんどん変わる


I think one of the most amazing things about the Internet and online environment is how it is ever-changing. Actually, maybe the Internet itself isn’t ever-changing, but our lives are ever-changing as a result of the constant changes in what AI and computers can do.

For example, I know hardly ever type a question into Google. I use my voice on my laptop, and Siri on my phone. I no longer listen to CDs, instead, I use the (free) music apps. I rarely buy something at full price these days, instead, I research online and either buy online, or go to the shop and ask them to give me the cheaper price. I spend more time messaging friends than I do speaking to them on the phone…

How about you? Is your life ever-changing due to the Internet and AI and computers in your life?