January 24 – stimulating

January 24, 2019 =========

☆  stimulating  刺激する


Good afternoon! A little late today, as we are still enjoying summer vacation here, and it’s sooooooo hot! Because of the heat, it’s not really possible to go outside, and that means we are stuck inside, with nothing very stimulating to do. With kids stuck inside, the only thing they want to do, is play iPad games, or watch YouTube videos…. Not very stimulating for me!

So, instead, we got up early and packed up the car and went for a drive down the coast to my sister’s holiday house by the sea. It’s usually cooler down here compared to the city, but in fact, it’s still 40 degrees outside! So, guess what my kids are doing… ha ha, that’s right, they are playing iPad games and watching YouTube videos… Apparently, it’s very stimulating – at least for them it is. I wish I’d brought a stimulating book to read!!