January 3 – depression

January 3, 2019     =========

☆  depression うつ


This week’s useful phrase is, “Spending too much time online is linked to depression.” What do you think about this? I agree, especially if the time you spend offline is much less because you are always online. 

In fact, I felt like I was heading into depression late last year, and being online all the time was part of the reason. Then, I found a fantastic book – How to Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price.  Oh wow! What a great book! It was funny, and well-researched – including research about the link to depression.

At the end, there was a 30-day plan to “break up with your phone” and although I haven’t done all of that, I have deleted social media from my phone, and that has made a big difference to how often I use my phone! And an even bigger difference to my happiness!

How about you, do you feel that you spend too much time online?