January 2 – acquaintance

January 2, 2019     =========

☆  acquaintance  知り合い


How was your New Year’s Day? I hope you had a lovely start to 2019.

Today’s word, acquaintance, describes someone you have met and know slightly, but not well. Personally, I think the words “friend” and “acquaintance” are now very similar. In the past, before Facebook and other social media, it would be more usual to describe someone as an acquaintance and only use the word friend to describe someone you know well and see regularly.

However, these days, “We are friends on Facebook” is a very common way to describe someone. Really, this is more like an acquaintance than a friend, I think. What do you think?

Do you describe people as a friend or an acquaintance these days? Has this changed since social media?