December 30 – value

December 30, 2018 =========

☆  value   尊重する


If you value something or someone, you think that it is important and you appreciate that person or thing. This week’s quote is interesting I think by Walter Winchell, an American newspaper and radio commentator from the 1920’s. He said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” In other words, a real friend values you and respects you and will support you even when the rest of the world doesn’t want to help you.

Do you have this kind of “real” friend, someone that values you for exactly who you are? Do you value them back in the same way? Does this person know that you really value their friendship and respect them? If not, would it be a good idea to tell them how you feel about their friendship? To tell them you value and appreciate them? What a nice way to end the year, telling a friend how much they mean to you!