December 29 – share

December 29, 2018 =========

☆  share   共有する


Today, all my family – brother, sisters, and their kids will be gathering at my sister’s house for a belated Christmas lunch. On Christmas day we would usually meet up at our mom’s place for lunch or dinner, but of course, not this year. And since we were all quite busy it was hard to find a time to catch up, so instead my sister organized this event for us.

So, today is Christmas for me! We’ll share our food and we’ll share our stories of mom and dad, and how Christmas was when we were kids. And hopefully, we’ll make some new memories that would make our parents proud!

One final thing we will share, is our Christmas pudding. It’s a special kind of pudding that actually needs to be made many months in advance. Believe it or not, our mom made the Christmas pudding and bought everything we’d need for it. I guess she didn’t realize that it would be her last Christmas pudding, and neither did we. So, when we share this final Christmas pudding made by our mom, it will be a very special Christmas pudding for us all…