December 3: agenda

December 3, 2018      =========

☆  agenda  予定


An agenda is usually a list of items to be discussed at a meeting. It’s most often used in business situations, but you can use it in personal situations too. For example, if you were catching up with friends for a day or a weekend you might ask, “So, what’s on the agenda?” This would basically mean, what are we planning to do when we catch up.

You can also simply ask a friend, “What’s on your agenda for the weekend?” meaning, what are your plans for the weekend? Or “What’s on the agenda for tonight?” When you ask this kind of question, it generally means that you think or know that there will be more than one thing – in other words a list. For example, someone might reply, “Well, at dinner I wanted to discuss X with you.” So the agenda is having dinner, but also discussing X.

Try using agenda in this way when you get a chance!