Today’s Word: energetic

November 29, 2018   =========

☆  energetic  エネルギッシュな


Do you feel more energetic at different times of the day? I feel most energetic in the morning, so that is when I try to work on my important tasks. However, these days, getting things done in the morning is quite difficult, because we are busy with getting ready for school and caring for the baby. This means I need to do most of my work when I am much less energetic, after lunch…

A good time management strategy is to time your tasks to your mood. For example, if you are feeling energetic and focused, then work on a task that requires your energy and focus. If you are feeling tired and a little sleepy after lunch, work on something that isn’t that important, until you feel more awake again.

Are you able to time your work and tasks to when you are feeling energetic or is it out of your control – do you have to follow someone else’s schedule?