Today’s Word: habit

November 23, 2018    =========

☆  habit  習慣


Speaking of procrastination, do you think it is a bad habit, or is it actually part of our personality? I know a lot of people who don’t have a problem with procrastination. They just get on with whatever it is that they need to get on with. So, do they just have good habits or is it something in their DNA? Obviously, I hope that it’s a habit, and not my DNA!

Assuming it is a habit, research says that the best way to start overcoming it is to become aware of any internal excuses you have. More practical ideas are to break up difficult tasks into smaller and easier ones, and to focus on the negative consequences of not doing it. But, in the end, to change the habit, it’s probably most important to ask yourself the question of why you are procrastinating. When you discover this, then it will be a lot easier to change your habit.

I hope so!