Today’s Word: procrastination

November 22, 2018   =========

☆  procrastination  先延ばし


Ah, procrastination… the art of delaying things until later that you really should do now. I’m good at this… in fact, I’m so good at procrastination, I think it might be my super power! Ha ha…

For example, part way through typing this to you this morning, I needed to go the toilet. So, I just went – and instead of coming straight back to continue writing to you… I cleaned the toilet!! Yep! I am so good at procrastination, I will clean the toilet instead of doing work!! I guess at least the toilet is clean now, so I don’t have to do it later. Ha ha!

Of course, I’d rather NOT be good at procrastination…

How about you? Is procrastination a weak point for you too?