Today’s Word: realistic

October 9, 2018   =========

☆  realistic  現実的な


You can use realistic in two ways when talking about your financial situation. Firstly, you can be realistic about your situation, meaning that you accept and recognize your situation and try to be practical about it. For example, you might need to be realistic about how much rent you can afford to pay each month if you want to live in Tokyo. In other words, you need to have a realistic view of what you can afford.

The second way is to set a realistic goal for your finances, meaning a goal that you can reasonably expect to achieve. For example, you might want to say $1000 dollars each month, but it might be more realistic to just save $500 a month. Or you might want to save $10,000 by the New Year, but a more realistic deadline might be six months from now instead of three months.

Do you have any financial goals at the moment? Are they realistic?