Today’s Word: cut down

October 4, 2018 =========

☆  cut down  切り詰める


If you use the word cut down in a financial situation, you mean that you spend less money. You can also use this word to do or use something less, for example cut down on coffee, or a businessman who wanted to cut down on travel and spend more time with his family. So, here are some examples on how you would use this word in a financial situation:

You always spend way too much on eating out, you should cut down!
If you are spending more than you earn, can you find ways to cut down?
Why not look at your credit card statement and see if there are any expenses you can cut down?
I’m trying to save for a trip to America next year, so I’m going to cut down on my daily Starbucks coffee and just go once a week!

Are you trying to save for a goal at the moment? Is there anything that you could cut down to help you reach your goal sooner?