Today’s Word: blow

October 3, 2018          =========

☆  blow  浪費する


If you blow a large amount of money, you spend it quickly on luxuries or in a wasteful way. For example, you might go to the casino and blow all your money within 30 minutes. Have you ever heard about lottery winners who win a huge amount of money and then just a few years later have no money again? This is usually because they blow all their money on luxury items and big houses and giving away money to family without really thinking!

Interestingly though, many financial gurus suggest that you have “money to blow” each payday. So, of course you put away money for expenses and necessities, but in order to stick to a budget, it’s a great idea to have a set amount of money that you can blow on anything you want, without worrying about the budget. So, it might be money you blow on new clothes, or on dinner with friends, or even a holiday. The most important thing is that you can blow it on whatever you want, without feeling any regret.

Do you budget for money that you can just blow each month however you want?