Today’s Word: desire

September 24, 2018 =========

☆  desire  望み


A desire (noun) is a strong wish to do or have something. For example, “She has a strong desire to help and care for people.” It might seem strange to talk about things that you desire when we are on the topic of letting things go, but you could say something like this, “My biggest desire right now is a clutter-free home!”

In fact, this week’s quote is on point for this topic. “The most important things in life aren’t things.” (Anthony J. D’Angelo). In other words, the thing you desire doesn’t actually need to be a physical thing, it could be an emotional state or something that you want to experience. For example, my client went to Norway last week because his desire was to see the Northern Lights.

So, what is your desire right now? Is it a physical thing (latest smartphone, for example) or an emotional state (to feel happy in your job) or an experience (to do a homestay in an English-speaking country)?