Today’s Word: order

September 9, 2018   =========

☆  order  整頓


When something is in order, everything is in the correct or expected place. I must admit, having my house in order is one of my favorite things! Unfortunately, with kids in the house, it rarely happens! In fact, the only time it is in order is if they are at school or in bed! Ha ha!

After clearing out my mum’s apartment, I realized that she had no order in her house at all. It must have been terribly difficult for her to find the things she wanted or needed. I think the main reason was because she actually had too many things, so it was really impossible to put it all in order. So, when she couldn’t find something, she bought another one! We found a lot of clocks in her house!!

This reminded me again about the KonMari idea of getting rid of everything before putting what’s left in order. This is such good advice for me, our house is old and has limited storage space, so we need to decrease the number of things we have first or it will be impossible to keep it all in order.