Today’s Word: category

September 8, 2018      =========

☆  category  カテゴリー


If you divide things into a category, you divide them into groups that are similar in some way. As I’m sure you know, the KonMari method divides our things into categories so that we can sort through them in the best order. She uses categories like clothing, books, papers and sentimental items.

I love the idea of sorting through things by category, because then you are finished, right? But each time I try, I can never actually finish – when I did the clothing category, there were always things in the washing basket, or the clothes I was wearing, or winter clothes that were packed away. So, as I said, I love the “idea” of sorting by category, but the “reality” of sorting by category is that it is hard work!! Ha ha!

How about you? Have you ever tried the sorting by category method? Did it work for you?