Today’s Word: restlessness

September 5, 2018 =========

☆  restlessness   落ち着かないこと


A feeling of restlessness means that you can’t relax, and you feel jumpy, nervous, or unsettled. Interestingly, if you look on Google for example sentences, you’ll find a lot of sentences about “the restlessness of the tribes” or “the religious followers were experiencing a restlessness like never before.” In other words, it seems like a formal word, used in novels or even non-fiction and news reports.

However, you can use it just to describe your own feelings of not being able to relax. Here are some ways:

I just have a feeling of restlessness, that I can’t shake. (shake – get rid of)
I don’t know why he experiences such restlessness all the time.
There’s still so much to do, I wish I didn’t have these feelings of restlessness, so I could focus better.

Can you use restlessness in a sentence?