Today’s Word: clutter

September 4, 2018 =========

☆  clutter  ガラクタ


Have you ever tried to get rid of clutter? I have, many times! Unfortunately, it always comes I really loved the KonMari method of getting rid of clutter, by asking the question of whether you want to keep it, rather than whether you want to throw it away.

However, when I was dealing with my mum’s clutter it was much easier. “Does anyone want this?” Yes – they got to keep it. No? Then it went for sale or to a charity shop.

Have you ever heard of “dostanding”? It’s a Swedish word, mixing the words “death” and “cleaning” and it’s the idea of getting rid of clutter while you are still alive, so that when you die, there is not a lot of clutter left for the family to deal with.

I actually really love this “dostanding” idea, and although I’m still young and have no intention of dying for a long time, this made me re-think the KonMari question! My new question is this: “How will my family deal with this thing (i.e. clutter) after I die?” And that helps me decide if I need to keep it!

How do you deal with clutter?