Today’s Word: breaking point

September 3, 2018     =========

☆  breaking point  限界


Another interesting thing that has shown up for me this past few months, has been how strong we can be even when we think we are not. With a young baby and breaking my ankle in February, I thought I had reached my breaking point, but somehow, I kept on with everything (with a LOT of help from my family, of course, thanks guys!)

And then, it was winter – I dislike winter – a lot! It’s so cold here, and the houses are not made for winter, they are made for summer, so they stay cool (well actually, cold) all year round. So, I often feel like I reach breaking point in the middle of winter.

Then of course, losing my mum, and having to spend all my time cleaning and selling things, and sorting through all her things… oh my goodness, I found so much inner strength and luckily didn’t reach my breaking point. I hope I don’t have to find out where exactly my breaking point is!!