Today’s Word: pattern

July 27, 2018 =========

☆  pattern   模範


A pattern is the repeated or regular way that something happens or is done. Patterns can help you with learning English because you know that if you follow a grammar pattern for example, then your sentence will be grammatically correct. Even with verbs, you can learn the patterns for how the verb changes depending on the tense you are using.

Even with irregular verbs, there is still a pattern that they “generally” follow – not always, but most of the time. So, learning the pattern is better than not learning it. Of course! Even with spelling, English has some weird spelling patterns, but there are also rules to help you learn the patterns that will help with English spelling. For example, the rule “i  before e, except after c” will help with deciding if a word has the spelling pattern “ie” or “ei” … do you know any other spelling rules for English words?