Today’s Word: miserable

July 14, 2018 =========

☆  miserable  惨めな


If you are miserable, you are unhappy. If you’re feeling miserable about your learning, then it’s going to be hard to learn effectively. I think that is another reason why I like the Afformations idea that I’ve been talking about. If you have had an affirmation, “I’m a relaxed and confident English speaker.” for a long time, but nothing has changed, that would make you feel pretty miserable, right?

So, instead the Afformation I suggested, “Why am I a relaxed and confident English speaker?” would make you start thinking about all the times you have spoken English – sometimes you were confident, sometimes you weren’t. But the fact is that there is a bit of proof that you can be a relaxed and confident English speaker, and so there is no need to feel miserable! You are making progress towards always being a relaxed and confident English speaker.