Today’s Word: Trigger

June 14, 2018 =========

☆  trigger  きっかけ


If something triggers another thing such as an illness, event, feeling, or situation, the first thing causes the second thing to begin to happen or exist. For example, stress is often a trigger for illness. Recently, I’ve been learning about emotional triggers and trigger warnings.

In some of the moms and babys’ groups I belong to on Facebook, a post by someone often contains the words “Trigger warning” at the beginning. It is generally included in posts that contain a trigger that might upset someone reading it. For example, if someone is talking about miscarriage, or children getting sick. And, for some people even talking about how well your baby slept can be a trigger to upset a mom who didn’t get any sleep! You have to be careful what you post in these groups!! So, I generally read only and never post.

How about in Japan, is it common to put this kind of label on a Facebook post or a blog post?