Today’s Word: resentful

May 11, 2018 =========

☆  resentful  怒りっぽい


If you are resentful, you feel resentment and anger. Other similar words are: bitter, angry, and offended. For example, he felt resentful about losing his job. Or, she was feeling resentful about being left out of her father’s will.

Another word with a similar meaning but one that is more informal is “miffed”. Have you heard of this word? It is not as strong as resentful, it is closer to annoyed than angry. For example, I am feeling miffed that my little baby girl won’t have a daytime nap at the moment, so I cannot get anything done! In this situation, it would be too strong to say angry, or bitter, or resentful. So, a better choice would be “miffed”. It’s a little softer in meaning and feeling.

Are you feeling resentful about anything at the moment?