Today’s Word: discouraged

May 10, 2018    =========

☆  discouraged  がっかりして


If you are feeling discourage, you are feeling deterred, disheartened, dismayed, down in the mouth, down in the dumps… that’s a lot of D words! Ha ha… Have you heard of either of the phrases, down in the mouth or down in the dumps?

Down in the mouth is easy to imagine, right? If your mouth is “down” as opposed to “up” then we can imagine that you are feeling sad or discouraged.

Down in the dumps might not be so easy to guess. A long time ago, “the dumps” meant “a state of depression” but it is only used in this idiom now. Nowadays, “the dump” is used to refer to where you take your trash when you have too much to throw away in the regular council trash collection. Interesting!