Today’s Word: soothe

May 4, 2018 =========

☆  soothe  落ち着かせる


If you soothe someone who is angry or upset, you make them feel calmer. Again, this word can relate to others, or to yourself. You can do things to soothe yourself when you are feeling angry or upset. Some common things that so-called gurus suggest when you’re angry is to count to ten, or punch a pillow… I’ve never found those things work for me! They never soothe me!

For me, what soothes me, is music – but not relaxing music, that seems to make me feel worse. Instead I love dance music! Then I can dance and jump around and soothe my worries and fears. Dancing in the kitchen to pop songs with my kids makes everything  seem better. How about you? How do you soothe your fears and worries?