Today’s Word: restrain

January 2, 2018      =========

☆  restrain  抑制する


In Australia, some common New Year’s resolutions are to “lose weight” or “get fit”, or “eat healthily.” How about in Japan, are these popular resolutions too? For these resolutions, the main thing we need to do is restrain ourselves, right? Restrain from eating dessert, restrain from sleeping in when we should wake up early and exercise, restrain from eating foods that are bad for us.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but resolutions and goals work best when they are positive, so instead restraining ourselves, we are doing something positive like…. Um, I’m not sure!! What could be more positive than eating the donut?!

In any case, if you are writing your resolutions and actions or tasks in your Eigo Techo, you can use today’s word to help:

I will restrain from eating dessert.
or in a positive way:
I will eat dessert/sweet foods once a week.

What else could you do?