Today’s Word: blessing

December 24, 2017 =========

☆  blessing 幸運


A blessing is something good that you are grateful for. For example, many parents around the world will be grateful for the blessing that their kids still believe in Santa! Why? Because it means that on Christmas Eve, when they are too excited to sleep, they HAVE to go to bed. If they don’t go to bed, then Santa won’t visit!

So, this is a blessing for many parents for two reasons. Firstly, they get some peace and quiet in the evening instead of having kids awake all night from excitement! Secondly, it means that they have time to finish wrapping all the presents that they bought but didn’t wrap yet!

Sometimes, when I think about the “meaning” of Christmas, I think it has all gotten a bit lost and mixed up in consumerism! Oh well…

Have a great Christmas Eve!