Today’s Word: supportive

December 7, 2017 =========

☆  supportive 支持する


If you are supportive, you are kind and helpful to someone at a difficult or unhappy time in their life. The difficult time doesn’t have to be negative, it might just be a choice such as changing jobs. In that case, you could use the useful phrase this week, “My family is supportive of my decision.”

As you know, I like to run, but because I’m not particularly fast, I run long distances rather than short races. This means that sometimes a “race” takes me ten hours! Ha ha… luckily my family is very supportive of this, and sometimes they come to the finish line to cheer me on. However, I do know that they like it when it is finally summer, because it is too hot to run for a long time, so I’m only usually gone for an hour in the morning before anyone wakes up. There’s no need to be supportive at that time, they don’t even know I’m gone!