Today’s Word: splendid

November 10, 2017   =========

☆  splendid 立派な


Something that is splendid is very good. So, how can you use today’s word to praise someone? Here are some examples:

That is a splendid photograph! I love it!
What a splendid house, and such lovely views.
Thank you for being such splendid company today.
My daughter brought home her school artwork this week, some of it is really splendid.
That was a splendid dinner, thank you for having us.

Can you think of any situations where you might want to praise someone, and use this word? If so, you could prepare a few different sentences like I just have, and practice them so that you are prepared whenever you might need to use them. Remember, it doesn’t have to be in person, it could even be online – you might want to write a review of a hotel or a restaurant that you went to on holiday, for example, splendid service or splendid food.