Today’s Word: acceptable

October 23, 2017 =========

☆  acceptable   受け入れられる


Acceptable activities and situations are those activities that most people approve of or consider to be normal. For example, in Australia, it is actually pretty acceptable to drink alcohol during lunch on a Friday. It’s not so acceptable on a Monday, but at the end of the week a lot of people have a beer or wine with lunch, getting ready for the weekend!

Overtime for full time employees on the other hand is not that acceptable. In fact, the laws around how much work per week is acceptable set the maximum at 62 hours. A full-time employee is not allowed to work more than 38 hours a week, unless it is within an acceptable limit. In other words, somewhere between 38 and 62 hours a week is acceptable – however, this mustn’t happen on a regular basis.

How about in japan? What is an acceptable amount of overtime? Is there a maximum limit based on the law of how many work hours a week is acceptable?