Today’s Word: history

October 6, 2017 =========

☆  history  歴史


I’m sure you already know this word, so let’s have a look at some interesting idioms that use this word.

Go down in history – if something or someone goes down in history, people in the future will remember them because of particular actions or events that stand out. For example, “Trump will go down in history as the troll-in-chief.”

Have a history of xyz – if someone has a history of something, it means it is common and has happened frequently in the past. For example, “She has a history of being late for work.”

The rest is history – this means that you do not need tell someone what happened next as everyone knows about it already. For example, a married couple might say something like, “We met in university, and the rest is history.” In other words, it is common knowledge that they then fell in love and got married.