Today’s Word: disrespect

October 5, 2017 =========

☆  disrespect  軽視


Did you spot the mistake in the useful phrases this week? I wrote this, “I hate it when people disrespect the culture of a place.” What mistake did I make? That’s right, I used disrespect as a verb, but this week, we are looking at nouns! Oops! Sorry about that – see even native speakers make mistakes. 😉

So, how should I have used the word in that sentence? It’s quite simple to fix, I should have said, “I hate it when people have disrespect for the culture of a place.” However, I think you’ll agree that using disrespect as a noun sounds more natural in this case. So, if you’d like to see a better example of disrespect being used as a noun, then look at yesterday’s email which includes the quote of the week, by Cesar Chavez.

Or better still, you could try making your own sentence using disrespect as a noun.