Today’s Word: suffer

August 27, 2017 =========

☆  suffer  耐える


We usually use “suffer” to talk about someone enduring or going through pain. However, you can also use it to talk about suffering an unpleasant experience. Now, that experience doesn’t need to be that unpleasant… for example, have you ever been to a meeting which was kind of pointless? A meeting which was too long, or could have been talked about via email rather than in person? In that situation, you could use “suffer” for example:

I had to suffer through another pointless meeting at work today!

Another common way that suffer is used, is in the idiom, “suffer in silence” this means that you suffer or are unhappy without saying anything. Is there a similar saying in Japanese? It’s not really healthy mentally to suffer in silence – if you can talk to someone about your problems, that would be much better – but all around the world, there is a lot of cultural pressure to suffer in silence. How about in Japan?