Today’s Word: bland

September 13, 2017 =========

☆  bland  さっぱりとした


Food that is bland has very little flavor. This is definitely an insulting thing to say to someone who has cooked you a meal, so be careful! If the chef asks you what you think of the food, it’s probably best not to say, “It’s a little bland.” or “It’s too bland for my taste.” Unless your job is working as a food critic, this is a word that you should only use when you are talking with people who didn’t cook the food!

Another thing to be aware of with this word, is the spelling! If you get your “r” and “l” mixed up then you’ll be confusing a brand (such as Gucci) and bland (not very tasty.) Obviously, because of the context of the conversation the listener will most likely know which you are saying, for example: “I love this brand!” or “This food is bland.” However, the two words, brand and bland, do sound quite different, so why not try practicing saying them both in front of a mirror, to see, hear, and feel the difference in the two words.