Today’s Word: impact

August 25, 2017 =========

☆  impact  強い影響を与える


If something impacts a situation, process or person, it affects them. Throughout our lives we make decisions, many of which impact our lives in ways that we couldn’t imagine at the time. For me, the decision to apply for a homestay when I was 16 impacted my life greatly. I’m sure I’ve already told you, but when I was 16, I applied for a homestay in Japan – even though I was studying French at the time!

I ended up staying for six weeks in Okayama, and the impact that had on my life was immense! Firstly, I finished high school and then decided to study Japanese (not French!) at university. I went on a working holiday for a year during my university studies. Then after a few years of working as a lawyer in Adelaide, I retrained as an English teacher in order to return to Japan, to live and teach English.

That one little (but big!) decision to go on the homestay has impacted my life over and over. Do you have a similar story where you can think of a decision you made that impacted your life way more than you were expecting?