Today’s Word: address

August 21, 2017 =========

☆  address  取り組む


If you address a problem or a task, you try to understand it or deal with it. You concentrate or focus on the problem, and you definitely don’t ignore it.

One of the useful phrases this week is “I think we need to address this problem right away.” Using the daily word in a sentence is always a great way to learn and remember new words. Even if the word is one you already know, putting it into a sentence makes your brain think the word is important to you, so you’re more likely to remember it – and use it – than if you just look at the word and its translation. Here are some more example sentences:

She tried to address his fears when she talked about the situation.
We need to address it head-on.
I just wish he’d address the subject, rather than ignore it!

Can you use address in a sentence?