Today’s Word: deadline

August 20, 2017 =========

☆  deadline  締め切り


A deadline is the time or date by which a task must be finished. Other words with a similar meaning are: time limit, cutoff point, limit, target date. I don’t really like long-term deadlines as I find it easy to get distracted! However, I found this interesting article a while ago, about how to use deadlines effectively.

These are a couple of the ideas I liked:
Find the Weak Link – the author says we need to find out what part of the task might delay or ruin the whole project and do that first.
Mark Excess Baggage – identify areas or tasks of the project that could be ignored if you start to run out of time. In other words, what things would be “nice to do” but are not absolutely necessary to do.

What are your tips for meeting deadlines? Can you share some with me on Facebook?