Today’s Word: brilliant

July 31, 2017 =========

☆  brilliant  素晴らしい


Our last word for the month of travel. The Q&A for this month asks, “What was your most brilliant travel experience?” How would you answer this? I’ve had a lot of great experiences traveling, so I’m not sure what the most brilliant would be actually! The trip to Kauai island was brilliant, but a little out of my comfort zone, as I said, we didn’t book anything before we arrived!

One other very interesting travel experience I had was in Dallas. My friend and I were traveling in a big taxi van, with a few other travelers and another car ran a red light, and hit our van! It was only a very small accident and everyone was fine, thankfully. What was interesting was that the police officer then took us back to our hotel in his police car – and he drove us along the route that JFK traveled when he was assassinated! He was driving slowly, pretending that we were the car the president was in, and then right at the place JFK was shot, he sped up and drove us away from there! It was so interesting!! I think that policeman would be a better travel guide than a policeman!!

So, what was your most brilliant travel experience? Come and tell me on the Facebook page.