Today’s Word: question

July 29, 2017 =========

☆  question  尋ねる


If you question someone, you ask them a lot of questions about something. Today’s word is used as a verb, but it is more commonly used as a noun, meaning the actually thing that you ask another person. However, it is still fine to say, “Can I question you about Tokyo, as I’m visiting there next month, and would like to know more about it.”

It is tricky to use “question” as a verb, though, so some other words that you could use instead are: ask, inquire, quiz. If you’re talking to a friend, or the situation is informal, then you could use “quiz” or even “pick your brain” – these are similar to asking for tidbits of information from someone. For example, “Can I pick your brain about Tokyo, as I’m visiting there next month.”