Today’s Word: epic

July 14, 2017 =========

☆  epic  壮大な


If you describe something as epic, you mean that it is very large and impressive. However, this is the strict dictionary meaning. These days, epic is used in a much more casual, slang way. Younger people – kids, teenagers, adults in their twenties, use “epic” to describe any situation, person, event, movie and so on. Most people would say that epic is now overused, and you shouldn’t use it. However, you will still hear people use it, so it’s a good word to know. Here are some examples you might hear (maybe in a movie, rather than real life):

That movie was epic!
Epic fail!
Listen to this song, it’s epic.
My trip to London was epic.
I heard the party was epic; I wish I’d gone.

Have you ever heard anyone use the word epic?