Today’s Word: intense

July 13, 2017 =========

☆  intense  強烈な


Intense means that something or someone is extreme, powerful, passionate, or great. There are a few ways to use “intense.”

To describe something as intense, meaning it is great or extreme.
e.g. He was sweating from the intense heat.

To describe an activity as intense, you mean it is very serious, and you might have to do a lot in a short time.
e.g. The tennis game last night was really intense!
e.g. My short trip to New York was so intense.

To describe someone as intense, you mean that they appear to concentrate very hard on whatever they are doing, and show their emotions in an extreme way.
e.g. She was always so intense when we argued.
e.g. My boss is very intense, our meetings are always a little stressful!

Can you use intense in a sentence?