Today’s Word: credit

June 20, 2017 =========

☆  credit 信頼


If someone has credit, it means that other have belief and confidence in them. They are trusted by others, and people are happy to rely on them. You’ll probably hear this word mostly used in verb form, as either “give credit” or “take credit.”

When you “take credit” for something, you allow people to have the belief that you did something, whether that is true or not. So you might take credit for a good result at work, and in this case, the good result might be because of your hard work (great!) or because of someone else’s hard work (which you are letting people believe is your hard work – not so great!).

When you “give credit” it means that you believe a person has a good quality, you trust that person. It is usually used in this way, “She is much smarter than her teacher gives her credit for.” Or “He is a better writer than the critics give him credit for.” In other words, it’s used when people don’t believe or trust that someone has a good quality or skill, but they actually do.