Today’s Word: pottery

May 26, 2017 =========

☆  pottery  陶芸


Have you ever tried pottery? I tried it once when I was living in Tokyo. It was good fun, but too hard for me. I went a few times but basically discovered fairly quickly that I was not good at pottery – which was actually a good thing, because it was kind of an expensive hobby! Another reason I was glad to discover I was no good at pottery was because it freed up my time to try a different hobby.

Have you ever tried a new hobby and discovered that even though you thought you’d like it, that in fact you didn’t like it? Or discovered that even though you thought you’d be good at it, in fact, you weren’t good at it? Or on the opposite side, maybe you thought you wouldn’t like something, but when you tried it, you discovered that it was a really good fit for you?