Today’s Word: photography

May 25, 2017 =========

☆  photography  写真撮影


Photography is definitely a hobby for me. How about you? I actually have a very good DSLR with fancy lenses, but unfortunately the camera I use the most is my iPhone camera! The cameras on our smart phones are so good these days, that for most people’s photography hobby, they are more than good enough.

The other thing I love about photography is that you can basically teach yourself. I started doing a “365 Project” in March 2010… so that means I’ve been taking a photo a day for more than seven years! Wow!! I guess you could say photography really is a hobby for me – and the good news is that I can see how much I’ve improved when I look at my photos now compared to 7 years ago. Do you have a hobby like that – where you can see how much you’ve improved since you started it?