Today’s Word: distraction

May 13, 2017 =========

☆  distraction  娯楽


Good afternoon!

Well, I had so many distractions throughout the morning, that I totally forgot to write and send this email to you! Usually, distractions can be fun; a relief, a diversion, some form of leisure or amusement. But the distractions for me this morning were kid-related.

Usually on a Saturday morning, my kids go to Japanese school, to learn the language and culture. However, recently, they have changed teachers, and the class is now “boring” and “too easy” or “too hard.” Of course, I want them to learn Japanese, but it’s tough to motivate them to go on a Saturday. I think I might have to motivate them with the idea of a trip to Japan, once they can speak confidently. That would be a good distraction! How do you motivate yourself (or your kids) to study English?