Today’s Word: adventure

May 9, 2017   =========

☆  adventure  冒険


Last weekend, my running friends went on an adventure. They attempted a 100-mile (160KM) run in the Flinder’s Rangers, which is a mountain range in the north area of South Australia. To them, it was an adventure, but of course, to most people around them, it was just crazy to even attempt something like that!

Unfortunately, they didn’t make the cut-off time at the halfway point, as they had gotten lost – this was all part of the adventure I guess! However, they were extremely disappointed because they “only” managed to run 83KM…. crazy! And of course, amazing! The power of the human body and mind… amazing, right?

Sunday was my son’s 9th birthday, so our adventure was to the local “Fine Desserts” restaurant to eat way too much cake. 🙂

So, what adventure have you been on recently?