Today’s Word: capitalize

April 10, 2017    =========

☆  capitalize  投資する


You might think this word is only used in business situations, but it’s very common to use “capitalize” in personal situations, where you use a situation to gain some advantage for yourself. Of course, if you do a Google search for information about “capitalize” it will most likely tell you the grammar rule of using “A” instead of “a” at the beginning of a sentence!

That’s not the same capitalize we’re talking about! Here are some examples:

We have a staff member from the US at our company, so I’m capitalizing on every opportunity to learn English from him!
When I graduate from university, I’m going to capitalize on my degree and get a high-paying job!
You can see how the team won the game by capitalizing on their opponent’s mistakes.
Remember to capitalize on your strengths!