Today’s Word: independent

April 9, 2017   =========

☆  independent  独立心のある


If you say that you are independent, it means that you do not need help or money from anyone else. I recently met a Japanese woman who has been living in Australia and studying and working on her own for five years. She wants to get her permanent residence and live here, so of course many people suggest that she finds an Australian husband!

However, she is very independent, and of course she’d be happy to get married if she found the right guy, but she still wants to get her permanent residence visa by herself, so that she is not relying on anyone else in order to stay in Australia. It’s hard to get, and she has to pass a difficult English test, but I agreed with her and thought that it was safest to be independent and get her own visa, without relying on someone else. What do you think?