Today’s Word: conduct

February 8, 2017      =========

☆  conduct  行い


Someone’s conduct is the way they behave in a particular situation. Other words that have a similar meaning: behavior, attitude, demeanor, and manner.

We often judge people by their conduct, especially if they are acting differently to what we consider normal. I am reading an interesting book right now, “A gift to my children” by Jim Rogers (the Japanese version is also available on Amazon) and in it he talks briefly about stereotypes. A lot of the time, a stereotype comes from seeing the conduct of a group of people, but what Jim Rogers says is that is a big “difference between knowing a type and knowing a person.”

I took this to mean that although we often judge a group of people on their conduct, for example, American conduct versus Japanese behavior, it is much better to actually get to know an individual person based on their conduct, rather than the conduct of the stereotype. What do you think?